Fallout: New Vegas Interview

The folks over at IGN have interviewed project lead Josh Sawyer on a variety of topics pertaining to Fallout: New Vegas.  A quick take: 
IGN AU: Okay. Look, it's a bit of a loaded question I guess and you're probably biased anyway but do you think players are going to view Fallout: New Vegas as exceeding the first three core games in the series? Or are you guys kind of behind the eight ball now, since some of the novelty may have worn off?

Josh Sawyer: Yeah, I mean, it's interesting because obviously Fallout 3 was the first new Fallout in a very long time - and there's a very new look to it and it's Bethesda's tech and everything. So in a lot of cases, people have said 'oh, it looks the same and it's the same technology' which is true to some extent, and that's fair. It is very similar, but we're approaching it as a standalone game. So people looking for new content, new stories, new experiences we've got that. So I do think that people are going to enjoy what's there. It's a familiar experience but a ton of new stuff.

IGN AU: Plus it's cathartic for the team making the game, I suppose. I mean, you have a bunch of the original team members from the first two games working on this one now. And they've probably been nursing some of these ideas for a decade now.

Josh Sawyer: Yep we obviously have Fergus Urquhart, Chris Avellone from Fallout 2; Brian Menze who's been doing Vault Boy since the original Fallout.