Din's Curse v1.007 Patch Released

Soldak's v1.007 patch for Din's Curse is no longer in a beta status, so those of you who only trust installing "final" updates can now head over to the game's patch page and grab it. The notes, once again:
'¢ lots of effects improvements
'¢ some UI tweaks
'¢ improved Zealous Catacomb art
'¢ fixed Acid, Resume, defense, Shrink, Causes localization (DetlevH)
'¢ fixed Gain and Players localization (DetlevH)
'¢ fixed Eating/Drinking localizations (DetlevH)
'¢ fixed Shadow6bUnique localization (Bak)
'¢ fixed treasure hoard spelling (Roswitha)
'¢ added reloadTextures command
'¢ added Very Slow option
'¢ now save world options (so don't have to pick again next world)
'¢ made slow pace a bit slower
'¢ fixed backpack text (timeh)
'¢ Jacinda the bag vendor will now generally have more bags (Roswitha)
'¢ all attributes modifier now increases slower and is more rare (demozon/GreatStalin)
'¢ added monsters' special abilites in bestiary (henryke)
'¢ decreased dagger damage to match other 1 handed weapons dps
'¢ fixed a potential font crash
'¢ now show dps, armor, and defense in a larger font and in gold to highlight it better (henryke)
'¢ pets will now attack objects that the player directly attacked (demozon)
'¢ thieves can no longer disarm fires (Bak)
'¢ no longer spawn quest items from gargoyles/statues (Bak)
'¢ can no longer steal life from statues (Bak)
'¢ can no longer steal life from cave-ins or totems (timeh)
'¢ now after going to other stats on character menu, the character hotkey behaves better (timeh)
'¢ added in an option to turn off clicking on your pets to walking around easier with pets (demozon)
'¢ added resetOnChange option to scrollbars/lists
'¢ fixed a situation where teleport gate wouldn't show top of the list (udm)
'¢ decreased elite, artifact, and legendary spread mults a little bit
'¢ fixed missing or extra modifiers on Annihilator and Draaien's Axe
'¢ big pass on set, elite, & artifact items (some of this will effect current items and some won't)
'¢ fixed missing or extra modifiers on Medallion of Clavros and Criar's Ring
'¢ added an option to hide crappy items
'¢ can now close doors by clicking on their alt text (Amberjoy/udm)
'¢ fixed traitor quest not leading to the correct renegade (Valgor)
'¢ traitor quest now has a min level
'¢ next/previous enemy stuff now only selects monsters (timeh)
'¢ decreased spawn chance of dark elf assassins, priests, and wizards (LordBlackangel)
'¢ fixed some issues with drops at high levels (graffen69)
'¢ now get a reputation bonus each time you save a town (graffen69)
'¢ might have fixed an issue with auto attack mod (joku)