Fallout: New Vegas Preview

PAX 2010 is ongoing and while there's no flood of previews, a few do trickle in. Right now we have a short preview from GameXplain on tap for you.
While the game does not take place in D.C., the landscape of the wasteland isn't too different than that of Fallout 3's. You'll still encounter plenty of run-down buildings, rocky terrain, hills, and beat-up and abandoned machinery. One noticeable difference regarding the surroundings are the colors of the environments. Whereas Washington D.C. featured more grey tones, Obsidian Entertainment has seemed to opt for a more western-themed brown color palette. The atmosphere seems to have a more desert Wild West feel to it; however, that is not to say that you should expect to see John Wayne strolling through on a horse anytime soon. Fallout: New Vegas is still chalk full of all the bandits and mutated monsters you love to kill so much. Because East Coast wildlife and West Coast wildlife differ, you'll find different creatures in New Vegas. During our hands-on with the game, we encountered new bug and lizard-like mutants not previously seen in Bethesda's previous game.