Dungeon Siege III Preview

Obsidian Entertainment's Dungeon Siege III has been treated to another GamesCom preview, and this time it comes to us via the fine folks at MyInsideGamer. A quick teaser:
The control system used during the demonstration was the Xbox 360 controller, for which there seemed to be no negative effects on gameplay. The controls seemed intuitive and fun to execute for a first timer, whilst at the same time it offers enough depth that hardcore players will be satisfied. With a mixture of stances and weapon choices, players will be able to deal with any situation how they choose, be it crowd controlling power attacks, high damage per second quick swipes or tactical spells.

If there was one aspect that the previous Dungeon Siege titles were proud of, it was their overall polish. As Nathan explained, (our focus has been on not just having lots of stuff, but having quality gameplay. We wanted to make sure that there was a lot to do in every section of the game and by doing so we're polishing the heck out of the game.) This isn't a game of half measures and half-baked ideas.

Obsidian's hallmark is their capability to weave an engaging story, one that pulls the player into the world and ensures that what they do impacts on everything else around it.