Fallout: New Vegas Video Interview and Gameplay Footage

G4 TV interviews Fallout: New Vegas senior designer Chris Avellone, and while he mostly covers known ground, the interview also contains a lot of new gameplay footage.  Up to the four minute mark, though, it's all VATS action.
The other thing I wanted to say was, one of the things I really like about how the New Vegas storyline is set up, there's no one big bad guy present in the game. Depending on how your character feels about the fashion politics, or whether your character disagrees with faction politics entirely and believes in carving his own path, you actually determine who your bad guy is and how you want to resolve that situation. So as much as the world is open-world exploration, the storyline lends itself to that as well.

The narrative in New Vegas, we try to make sure we incorporate the actual game mechanics into the storyline. The reputations you get with the various factions in the game, that actually has an impact on how the storyline plays out, what areas are available and questlines are available. It's one of the big principles at Obsidian, we want to make sure the story is not divorced from the game mechanics or game system.