Bethesda Softworks Inside the Vault Q&A: Frank Kowalkowski

Fallout: New Vegas lead programmer Frank Kowalkowski has made an appearance on the Bethesda Blog for another entry to the company's "Inside the Vault" Q&A series.
To date, what's been the highlight of your career?

Getting to work with ! I think the real highlight was getting to work at Black Isle. It helped me develop into the game developer I am today. I got to work with a lot of great people, many of whom moved on to Obsidian. Working at Black Isle, I was able to finally develop RPGs and work in an office that oozed video game developer. You'd see giant props of shipped games all over, but you'd also see coffee machines that you'd swear predated the construction of the pyramids. It was the first place I worked that felt like '˜we make video games and we love doing it.' That all spilled over to Obsidian, except our coffee machine is really nice.