Fallout: New Vegas Preview

The folks at Dedicated To Gamers have posted their own preview of Fallout: New Vegas, the contents of which look to be based on existing information available for Obsidian Entertainment's first-person RPG sequel.
Sticking true to Vegas's famed party atmospherics, New Vegas will also allow you to take part in gambling (a collection of varied mini-games, from slot machines, to roulette, poker and card games) in which you will bet currency. This time split into three different forms, currency is no longer solely monitored through the bottle cap system (Fallout 3's preferred choosing), with each of the three; bottle caps, 'NCR dollars' and 'Legion money' instead preferred. Each of New Vegas's factions that don hold over the dazzling lights of the Strip have a favoured currency, and players will need to work with the exchange rate between the three in order to have the required amount of each. So where the waste-landers and inhabitants of New Vegas will accept bottle caps as a means of payment, each of the other two warring factions- the New California Republic (the NRC- formed from survivors of Vault 15), and Caeser's Legion (a slaver operation)- will require their highlighted payment methods. With The Brotherhood of Steel also returning, players will have to be aware of how well liked they are with each. Governed through the 'Reputation' system, you'll earn special allowances and benefits through raising your reputation in given towns/settlements and factions. And although the 'Karma' system also returns from Fallout 3, it now only accounts for how moral/immoral you are within the game based on past actions and will not alter how you are perceived by others in any fashion.