Dungeon Siege III Preview

The folks at PSXExtreme have wrangled up a brief preview of Dungeon Siege III, though it doesn't appear to be based on any firsthand time with Obsidian's latest foray into role-playing territory.
As for your own character, you'll be able to decide upon the abilities you wish to learn, and which you wish to upgrade as you progress. As we understand it, this is standard role-playing fare: pick how you plan to play when you start, and base your character's growth and development around that. So if you want to be a tank, focus on strength skills and statistics; boosting those will allow stronger abilities to become available but of course, you can't have everything. You'll likely have to sacrifice other things like agility and magic capability. And of course, because everything is class-oriented, you'll only be able to equip certain items and pieces of equipment. As for where you can go, fans of the genre should know what to expect- there won't be much in the way of limitation; you will almost always be able to return to an area you explored, and while there is a recommended path, roaming about will likely be encouraged.

In the land of Ehb, you'll come across all sorts of diverse locales and areas. Everything from dank dungeons to lush forests to lively towns will be featured, and as you move along, you'll learn more about the folklore of the land. Due to the variety of landscapes, you will unsurprisingly face a large variety of foes; these will only add to the protracted feeling of freshness that comes from a lack of repetition. You may be forced to visit certain places to complete certain quests or objectives (or advance the story) but beyond that, feel free to explore and get your bearings. Feel free to set your character up exactly as you like. Feel free to adopt a personality and attitude that will have a direct impact on your allies, and perhaps even your enemies. In the end, Dungeon Siege III sounds like it could be exactly what hardcore, old-school RPG aficionados desire.