The Grand Masquerade Announced

In celebration of twenty years of World of Darkness tabletop games, White Wolf has revealed plans to host their first-ever "The Grand Masquerade" convention on September 23rd-September 26th in New Orleans, LA. This interview with our old friend Shane DeFreest suggests that they'll be making some kind of announcement (maybe another CRPG?) during the event:
What sorts of events can fans look forward to at the Grand Masquerade?

We have a number of events during the course of the convention that should be very exciting for all of our fans. Both the Camarilla Fan Club and One World by Night have a number of LARPS that will be taking place during the course of the weekend in professionally decorated rooms. In addition to just having a luxurious hotel we have some amazing movie quality set decorators we've hired to completely transform the hotel into the World of Darkness in a way previously unseen by any of our fans.

The Wrecking Crew is running a number of great Table Top games and there is the VTES North American Championship. We have Tim Bradstreet coming in as our artist guest of honor and there will be panels and parties galore. Our Saturday night Succubus Club party will be one for the record books. The big news that I can't really give to many details on is that we've got something really big we want to show our fans first. Friday at sundown is where we give everyone the first look at the future of the World of Darkness. If you have been a fan of our games for two months or two decades you won't want to miss what we have to say.
Every time I look at the Bloodlines posters on my walls, I'm reminded of just how good of an artist Tim Bradstreet is.  We'll most likely get some additional information about World of Darkness Online out of this, too... unless that's what he means by "the future of World of Darkness".

Damn, I'd really like to attend this.