Dungeon Siege III Interview and Teaser Trailer

Not only has IGN secured a 60-second cinematic teaser trailer for Dungeon Siege III, but they've also posted a two-page Q&A with project director Rich Taylor. The answers aren't as informative as we'd like them to be, but they'll have to do for now:
IGN: How open is the game world? Can you return to different areas after you've already cleared them to farm loot or is there more of a linear progression?

Rich Taylor: The world will unlock as the player advances through the adventure. We will very rarely close off an area from the player once they have found it. There is an order that we expect players to move through some areas of the game, while others are more open and the it is left up to players to determine what order they want to explore the regions available to them. For the most part, there will be nothing preventing players from returning to earlier locations in the game. In some cases, this is required in order to complete quests that could not be finished on the player's first pass through a region.


IGN: For enemy and environment types, would you be able to provide some examples of what you'll find across the game world?

Rich Taylor: We will go into more detail on the environments the player will see in their adventure through the land of Ehb in Dungeon Siege III. Examples of the environments that we have been working on include some of the classical fantasy adventuring locations including dungeons, crypts, forests, and towns. We'll be focusing on giving these environments special touches to establish them as set pieces to stage the story of Dungeon Siege III as well as reference the background lore of the game.

The player will be facing up a range of enemy types of all sizes and types. One creature are the vodyanoi, aquatic-looking spirit creatures that the player will find in places where spiritual corruption has spread. The enemies the player fights will fit into the story and will vary as the player travels through different regions.