Fallout: New Vegas Preview

A fun and highly entertaining preview of Fallout: New Vegas is up at Good Gear Guide, and once again it's based on the build that was shown at this year's E3.
Obsidian may be the new home for ex-staffers of Interplay the studio that made the first Fallout games but it has been careful not to upset the diehard Fallout 3 fans. You've still got the old-style music (albeit from a different era), the awesome V.A.T.S. combat system (very true to the recurring tagline (War. War never changes)) and the same sprawling landscapes of decay and ruin.

But look beneath the surface and you'll see a number of background upgrades. Special attacks using V.A.T.S. are now available, along with iron sight for all guns. Weapons can now be modded; if you've always want a scope on your pistol, you can have it.
Because, clearly, the "old-style music" started with Fallout 3. Oh, and VATS definitely epitomizes Ron Perlman's famous quote.