Dragon Age: Origins Leliana's Song DLC Reviews

A couple of reviews for BioWare's newly released Leliana's Song DLC are up on the web, and they're both pretty favorable.

TheGamersHub gives it a 4/5:
So if you are looking to get more insight into the French redheaded Rogue and see what she was up to before she met you and the gang well then you probably have already bought the DLC, for others, you are basically looking at 1 hour of extra Dragon Age: Origins for 560 Microsoft points, if that sounds reasonable to you, then give Leliana's Song a look. or listen.

The Examiner gives it a 4/5:
Overall Leliana's Song is one of the better Dragon Age: Origins downloadable side stories, the others are good but this one did an exceptional job of letting the player learn even more about one of the party members and the story itself was impressive. For $7.00 it is a pretty good deal considering the story and content you get out of it.