Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC Reviews

Just a few more Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC reviews to add to the pile, and they stay with the overall positive tone of reviews we've seen so far. CNET 4/5.
Now this is what Mass Effect 2 is all about. This excellent add-on has great action, a smattering of memorable moments, and a final sequence that's unlike anything you've seen in the series thus far. Overlord is a short but sweet microcosm of what makes the main game so entertaining, spiced with a neat hovercraft and a few quick puzzles to vary the tempo. The vehicular sections are a missed opportunity, and some of Mass Effect 2's occasional glitches have carried over into the latest content. But these minor gripes barely lessen the dramatic impact of Shepard's latest mission--which also happens to be one of his (or her) best.
Survival Horror - Mass Effect's storylines and combat are usually just about finding a human or an alien then shooting them in the face. Overlord changes the pace and tone of this quite nicely, creating a horror atmosphere and littering the missions with a few puzzles to break up the gunplay. Fans of System Shock 2 will be right at home.
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There are very many attributes in Mass Effect 2 Overlord that will keep you attracted. Including a hovercraft by the name of the hammerhead, you get to fly around in and even fight from. You get to take out sentry guns and even a "Boss" like fight to further the levels.
What we have here looks to be exactly the tonic for ME2 gamers that are looking for something else to do within BioWare's opus. There's good variety, good fun, new stuff and loads of atmosphere. Without ruining it, play to the end. You'll get your money's worth and then some.