Darkfall Expansion Announced

Aventurine's Tasos Flambouras stopped by the official Darkfall forums to announce the development of an expansion pack for the PvP-heavy fantasy MMORPG, while also providing some preliminary details for the upcoming addon.
First let's talk about the ETA for the next expansion: We always try to give you our internal estimates, rather than playing it safe or not giving one at all. This has led us to frequent delays but as far as ETA goes, you know exactly what we know internally. This time will be no different: Our effort is to launch the expansion by July 18th. If we miss this date it will be due to issues needing attention and since this expansion contains significant changes to the game, it could be weeks before we can have it out. We're not trying to tell you in a roundabout way that we're going to launch this in August. We're working very hard to meet our deadline and so far it's looking good.

We'll give you a brief overview of some of the expansion features here:

This expansion is mainly focused on PvE. There are many new monsters being added to the game, new monster types, new spawns, new tactics, special abilities, new behaviors etc.

Dungeons are getting a revamp, and a lot more than originally thought will be getting it for this expansion. This revamp includes new mechanics, new monsters, and new quests tied in with the dungeons and it's a first step in the massive improvements we have planned as far as dungeons go.

We're adding new fun resources and features to the game which players can use to play around or create events with. We're also making an effort to complete political tools for clans and players in time to include in this expansion.

It includes new ship types, an additional feature to ships, and new mounts.

There are new introductory tutorial quests for new players, new quests involving dungeons, and also treasure maps.

This next change dramatically improves the look of the game: The Darkfall terrain and texture system has received a complete overhaul. We've been working on this for the past six months and were going to include it in Darkfall 2010, but since it's done now we decided to add it immediately.

The community liaisons will be following up with more details on the features of the expansion in the spotlight forum section, between now and the expansion launch.