Star Trek Online Executive Producer Leaves Cryptic Studios

According to this announcement on the official Star Trek Online website, Cryptic Studios executive producer Craig Zinkievich has left the company to spend more time with his kids, among other things. My guess is that he wouldn't be leaving if the sci-fi MMORPG was doing really well, but I suppose you never know:
I've decided to take a break from Cryptic Studios for a bit and focus on other things, like hanging out with my kids over the summer, walking my goat more and taking care of my bees. (Jack never told you about them, did he?)

Getting to work on Star Trek Online has truly been the highlight of my career. Since I was little, I've been a fan of the shows and movies. And since the internet and MMOs became prevalent, I, along with you guys, have watched, hoped and waited to get the chance to explore that universe online. I still can't believe how lucky I was when it became my responsibility to help make STO a reality. I'm often asked in interviews or online, (Isn't your job the coolest job ever?) Yes, yes it is.

It's been a joy to work for you guys. The press has asked me about the (rabid Star Trek fans.) I'll admit that I was scared coming onto the project. However, as much as we fans like to argue about which captain was the coolest, when certain events took place and how important that making sure the windows on the Galaxy model are perfect, we accept everyone who has a respect and love for the franchise and what it means. You guys accepted Cryptic with open arms, and we've appreciated every post, comment and word of encouragement. It's been easy to try the (daring thing) and be open with you about what we're doing in STO working with you on that has even been cooler. You guys really are the best fans in sci-fi. Thank you so much.
Craig has been replaced by Daniel Stahl, who was previously the game's (non-executive) producer.