Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview has published an interview they did with LucasArts' Jake Neri during this year's E3, with the obvious topic being Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Q: Due to the power of the Star Wars brand, a lot of people are going to be coming to the game without having ever played an MMO before. How does The Old Republic accommodate for those types of players?

Jake Neri: I think at the core of our design is a host of features that will resonate with the casual gamer who's never picked up an MMO, but also the hardest of the hardcore. We've carefully created a lot of our game to support that casual player, in the sense that a casual player's attention span is going to be a lot less than that of a core player. So, right away we're trying to push the idea of being a hero in the Star Wars galaxy early. We've got our players from level 1 to feel heroic, to take out multiple enemies, make tough decisions, use tactics and strategies. So things that more casual players might have a hard time with on the surface, but once they get in and get their hands on the game, I think what they'll find is it's exciting, it's interesting, they're having fun, they're doing something that they haven't done before, but they're successful at it, and therefore hopefully they're going to continue.

At the same time, our story one of the primary benefits of having an interesting story is that people who are not familiar with MMOs have something that they can come in at right away, and they can succeed with it. And it also works well with our hardcore players. So I think the question is will we support the casual players? Will we support hardcore players? We're building our game to capture multiple players. I think we have our finger pointed in the right direction, so far. And we'll continue to make sure we have the most accessible game we possibly can.