Fallout: New Vegas Preview and Video Interview

When you're done checking out this new six-and-a-half minute video interview that Gamereactor conducted with Obsidian Entertainment's Larry Liberty during E3, you can head over to GamePro for yet another preview:
Something that's immediately striking about New Vegas, especially when compared to Fallout 3, is that many of the buildings in the game have not been ravaged by a nuclear apocalypse. The infamous Las Vegas Strip, for instance, has fully-functioning casinos where you can visit, rent out rooms, gamble, or even create chaos by engaging in combat with characters.

Each of the casinos has its own theme. For instance, the one I explored had a 60s night club vibe to it. Once inside the casino, you're free to try your hand at a number of real casino games like blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and the like. Depending on how you play, the casino can actually comp you drinks and/or a room. But if you win too much, the casino will ban you from the premises.