Vampire: Bloodlines v7.0 Unofficial Patch Released

If Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is still installed on your hard drive, you'll want to check out version 7.0 of Wesp's unofficial patch for Troika's World of Darkness-based masterpiece. The latest changelog:
'¢ +Repaired Tourette ammo and added XP and redemption for the Gargoyle.
'¢ +Removed SM clinic combat zone and added netcafe combat zone switch.
'¢ +Added SWAT rifle ammo model and restored several blunt weapon stats.
'¢ +Improved Yukie translation and removed GLOCKs from the Hallowbrook.
'¢ +Decreased bomb timer to 30 seconds and changed endgame Skelter line.
'¢ Fixed Arthur, Lu, Beckett, Isaac, Victor and killer dialogue issues.
'¢ Restored about hundred unused floats and removed bad ones for Kiki.
'¢ Fixed tutorial blood reset and improved Chunk Gallery Noir sequence.
'¢ Opened beachhouse door on combat and moved blanket to Hannah's bed.
'¢ Fixed Gary's photo sound, Ricky's glasses and improved emails order.
'¢ Removed Grout's trigger after use and Murietta's key if not needed.
'¢ Swapped some pedestrians to reduce clones and added Yukie quest log.
'¢ Fixed Yukie boots, Sabbat ankh and Barabus feet, thanks to DDLullu.
'¢ Displaced two buggy Luckee Star doors and made the sweeper stronger.
'¢ Fixed Dane cop, Bertram, Dennis, LaCroix, Venus and Knox dialogues.
'¢ Repaired Ox, mugger and Heather dialogues and restored Barabus line.
'¢ Corrected Lily cutscene and stalker hair models, thanks to DDLullu.
'¢ Fixed Yukie's shop stats, Maria's invitation and Venture tower door.
'¢ Added emotions to Ming's Temple lines and fixed Hallowbrook script.
'¢ Swapped Mitnick clone with player model and added Temple door sound.
'¢ Tried to fix zombies and stalkers occasionally using normal voices.
'¢ Fixed female Tremere hair, thanks for the skin to a nameless modder.