Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

WorthPlaying has cranked out their own preview of Star Wars: The Old Republic, courtesy of a 15-minute demonstration they were given behind closed doors at this year's E3.
All characters were fully voiced in the KotOR style, and I was able to choose a variety of answers to their questions. As a Twi'lek Smuggler, my conversational options were basically sarcastic, self-serving or sincere; as a Sith Warrior, I could be arrogant, bloodthirsty or oddly neutral.

The Smuggler's opening scenario begins when you drop off a load of blasters to a Republic stronghold on Ord Mantell, which is currently under attack by separatists. In order to be able to take off again, you're forced to go into action against them.

The Smuggler's gameplay largely revolves around taking cover, which is an option when you've targeted a hostile mob. While you're in cover, your evasion goes up considerably against any enemy firing at you from the front, and you gain access to a new move called Charged Burst that inflicts high damage and knocks down an enemy. If you're not in cover, however, and a fight starts, you will soon regret it. Fortunately, the Smuggler can drop a Flash Grenade to stun up to three enemies for a couple of seconds, which lets him find something to hide behind. Even so, the Smuggler is remarkably squishy and depends largely on getting the opening shot.