Mass Effect Series Interview and Comic Mini-Story

Dark Horse Comics has teamed up with Mass Effect writer Mac Walters to kick out a new eight-page mini comic set in the ME universe, and IGN has managed to get their hands on a digital version while also posting a quick article-style interview they did with Mac about the project. A snippet:
This 8-page story marks Walters' first solo comic book writing credit. (The Redemption mini-series was co-written by John Jackson Miller.) Have these experiences collaborating with Dark Horse comics changed the way Walters approaches looking at crafting the game? Does he now see comic book possibilities as he works on the Mass Effect universe?

"I wouldn't say it changes my approach - we still make games the way we make games - but there are moments where I wish I had a little more space to tell a story. Or sometimes I have to pull back a little for whatever reason, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking this piece would make for a great comic book. Sometimes what happens is you create a character who's meant to just have a bit part, but once you get the visuals in and hear his voice, you think the character is a lot of fun. You'd like to see more of him. And where can you do that? I always think of the comic books when that happens."