Fallout: New Vegas Previews

A bunch more websites got their hands on Fallout: New Vegas, though by now we've seen so many takes on the demo offered at E3 that it's getting a bit repetitive. I4U.
Fallout III: New Vegas is just more of the same. Thankfully, (the same) is pretty damn incredible. New Vegas is a glowing neon wonderland of casinos, strippers, giant buildings and battered statues. It falls under the purview of the New California Republic, the first organized government we've encountered in Fallout that isn't outright evil.
Yes, it's quite the environment, and fans of Fallout 3 should feel right at home in the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. But this time around, that atmosphere has a definite attitude; a flash and panache most decidedly lacking in the previous series entry. And although Obsidian's last effort (Alpha Protocol) turned out badly, we have faith that Bethesda isn't about to release a sub-par Fallout and besides, the upgrades and enhancements are intriguing. Remember the melee combat mechanic in Fallout 3? Wasn't much to it, was there? Well, maybe that's why the're implementing a special melee attack in New Vegas; every weapon has at least one such attack, and this infuses more strategy into up-close-and-personal combat. For instance, if you check the screenshots, you'll see a golf club and what appear to be futuristic boxing gloves; with the former, there's a (Fore) option and with the latter, there's an effective spike gauntlet. Oh.the pain.
Gaming Excellence.
Wanted a larger variety of weapons? Well now you have grenade launchers, the plasma rifle from the first two games and even a heavy machine gun. Thought that the aiming felt a bit too loose? That's what the updated iron sights are for. Now when you aim with the gun you look straight down the top of the gun, trying to take your shots while dealing with the wavering of the gun. They've even added more enemies; some that will be familiar to those who played the previous games (damn those geckos!).
The two main differences that I saw in the game from Fallout 3 was the control you have over your companions and new melee moves depending on your melee skill. If you have a high enough melee skill you can do customized moves in VATS based on the weapon. The one that they mentioned was a move called Fore! using the golf club you basically line up like a normal golf shot and swing your club at them. If it hits it pops the enemy into the air and they fall down on the ground and are stunned for a short time.