Fallout: New Vegas Previews

Fallout: New Vegas is getting some more attention out there, as a few more sites swung through the demo, exploring the Strip and Mojave Desert in hands-on time and returning to share their experiences. GayGamer with their usual short take.
My favorite new feature however, is the hardcore mode. If you find the game a bit to easy for a seasoned campaigner like yourself, simply turn on this mode and things will be made much harder for you. Ammo will now add to the weight you carry. Food and drink are required to stay alive and you must be sure to get enough sleep every night. This lends the gameplay a much more realistic feel.
Our time in New Vegas also allowed us to meet some of the seedy characters that call it their home. You can't take normal weapons into casinos, but Mister Holdout wanders around on the streets, trying to sell concealed weapons that can help you avoid detection. Chairman Greeter is the man that introduces you to the Tops Hotel and Casino--the place that you're going to be staying during this section of the game. We were told that this bit was from around 20-30 percent through the main story.
G4 TV.
Leaving the neon confines of Vegas provides a much more hardcore experience. Out in the Nevada countryside, life isn't about card games and show girls. There's a grim war in progress. Two factions are fighting over the Hoover Dam and the control of the power it provides. I don't know for sure, but I imagine you're going to be in the middle of that conflict. If that wasn't enough, there's a whole slew of radiation mutations onhand to ruin your day. The demo featured fearsome fire geckos -- gigantic lizards who will char you to cinders if you're not careful -- and super-mutants, ghouls and raiders will be around to fill you full of lead.