Square Enix Purchased Dungeon Siege License

Talking to Gamasutra, Obsidian founder and CEO Feargus Urquhart reveals that Square Enix has fully purchased the Dungeon Siege license from Gas Powered Games, though they are still involved in the development in an unofficial capacity.
"Square actually purchased the IP from Gas Powered, and it's a Square brand now," Urquhart explained. He said Chris Taylor, Gas Powered founder and original Dungeon Siege designer, reviews every major new build of the game, although Gas Powered is not formally involved in development.

"Chris gives us a lot of feedback, and we take all that criticism seriously, particularly when he says, 'This doesn't feel like Dungeon Siege,'" Urquhart said. "What we get from Square is a huge amount of support -- a lot of good ideas about how they approach things in their games."