Fallout: New Vegas Interviews

Two interviews with Obsidian staffers from E3 have surfaced for their upcoming RPG, Fallout: New Vegas. Machinima.com's Inside Gaming Feature interviews lead producer Larry Liberty (thanks Huntsman). This comment on the FPS-action in the game is very vague about the details, but of interest nonetheless.
What we've completely overhauled - real-time combat. The way you actually calculate damage, the way you aim, the way input works on the controller. We found - in Fallout 3 - that there were actually times where you could miss inputs and overall it could feel unresponsive. So we've tried to make it still an RPG, but through weapon tiering to make it feel appropriate. So if you get a tier 1 gun at the beginning of the game it's not going to feel nerfed and weird and you're not going to aim at something and have bullets fly all over the place if it's a rifle. If you were to somehow magically get a tier 5 weapon at the beginning of the game, you would actually feel a little bit of that weird RPG feel, where "Hmmm, I'm not high-level, I'm missing and it feels weird." We wanted to get rid of that and overall make it feel more responsive and a more compelling first-person shooter.
Gameplanet interviews senior designer Chris Avellone.
Gameplanet: So we'll have a confrontation with this purse-snatcher endgame?

Chris Avellone: One element that we're not going to have is one Big Bad Guy in Fallout: New Vegas. We're going to dump the player into a situation then allow him to examine the faction politics: Where they're coming from, where they're succeeding, where they're failing and letting the player decide where his loyalties lie as a result of that. It's based on player-choice: he can say (I want to support those guys.)

Or he can support none of them at all, (saying) (I have a better vision for the wasteland than any of these people.) That's totally the Fallout way.