Mass Effect 3 to Import 1000+ Variables from Mass Effect 2

Thanks to a small teaser from a forthcoming interview with BioWare's Casey Hudson on Joystiq, we now know that over a thousand variables will be brought into Mass Effect 3 when we import one of our Mass Effect 2 save games.
Hudson says, "We're pulling in probably over a thousand variables from Mass Effect 2 into Mass Effect 3 if you're importing your save game."

It's an impressive number to be sure, but keep in mind, they're not all reality-shifting choices. For example, Mass Effect 2 is slightly different depending on what advice you give to Rebekah Petrovsky regarding her baby (remember her?). So maybe not 1,000 earth-shattering variables.
By the time ME3 rolls around, I'm going to have to play through both ME1 and ME2 again to remember what all of these choices were even about.