How to Make the Mass Effect Movie Great

A new editorial on Go! Gaming Giant offers one editor's take on the steps that should be taken to ensure that Legendary Pictures' Mass Effect movie is a blockbuster, while also being true to the video game franchise. A couple of examples:
The Mass Effect movie SHOULD have an epic soundtrack
John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino. These are the names of some of the most highly recognizable composers in the past 40+ years. Whoever is in charge of the Mass Effect film needs to make sure that they hire a top notch composer to make for an amazing soundtrack. The music should rival films like Star Wars, The Dark Knight and the Magnificent Seven if it ever hopes to be remembered. Mass Effect will need a sound that people can identify and recognize much like when people can recognize the Jurassic Park or Spiderman theme. This might seem insignificant to some, but a perfect film score can mean the difference between an uncomfortable scene and one filled with emotion and passion.


The Mass Effect movie SHOULD have Seth Green as Joker
This one is just plain common sense, since Seth Green did such a good job playing the dry witted Joker in the games: let's just keep him as that character. Nothing upsets me more to hear that the voice of some iconic characters might be replaced in favor of a more bankable movie star. Much like when the talks of the Halo movie were around and the buzz was that Master Chief was going to be played by Denzel Washington. I know that Mr. Washington is a more than decent actor, but he surely is NOT the voice of the Master Chief. Likewise, having Seth Green replaced by some other actor would be a huge disappointment since Seth Green IS Joker. Who else can I trust to fly the Normandy at break-neck speeds while striking the heart of the Geth? The role can go to no one else.