Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview and Media

Along with six images and a 91-second video showcasing the planet Korriban, GameSpot has kicked up a brand new preview focusing entirely on the Sith Warrior class in BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic. Check it out:
In addition to having two promising career choices of either "laugh off your enemies' pitiful attacks" or "slice them to ribbons, then laugh," the Sith Warrior, like other professions in the game, can also recruit the services of "associate" characters--NPCs who can help fill out your adventuring party during those times when your other friends aren't logged into the game to join up or for those times when you'd prefer to fly solo. One of the Sith Warrior's companions will be Vette, a wisecracking pirate of the Twi'lek race (the humanoids with those crazy tentacles growing out of their heads, like Bib Fortuna from Return of the Jedi) with a dark past.

It seems that Vette was born into slavery, but her owner was ruined financially by the infamous pirate Nok Drayen, whom she decided to join in order to explore the universe--particularly, those places she wasn't supposed to be. Later, Drayen mysteriously emancipated all his slaves, and the young pirate found a new lease on life on the smuggler planet of Nar Shaddaa, where she meets your character and comes across as a character who has both a cynical side as well as a lighter side that comes out when people around her take themselves too seriously and seem like they need to be taken down a notch. It's suggested that Vette has some family out there, a sister and her mother, though she lost contact with them years ago.