Five Ways to Improve Demon's Souls in the Inevitable Sequel

The Silent Chief has slapped up a list of improvements they'd like to see in the inevitable sequel to From Software's excellent action RPG Demon's Souls.
Adjustable Difficulty: The biggest complaint by many about the first game was it's unforgiving difficulty. Unlike other games this gen, Demon's Souls won't hold your hand and give you an easy ride. Instead the game forces players to adjust and learn from their mistakes if they want to survive. Some players ( including me ) weren't bothered by this level of challenge but it's been rumored that Sony and FROM SOFTWARE are at disagreement on the difficulty level for the next game. It may be best if FROM SOFTWARE compromises a little by allowing players to choose their difficulty level in Demon's Souls 2.
More difficulty options would no doubt widen the audience, but they'd be fools to reduce the overall challenge at the highest difficult setting.