Two Worlds II Interview

After firing off a large list of questions about Two Worlds II to TopWare Interactive's Jake DiGennaro and Devon Smith, IGN's Two Worlds Vault has posted the resulting answers. A snip:
TWVault: Gandohar will be such a pivotal figure, it seems. Can you shed some light onto his actions in Two Worlds 2? Can you tell us something about his diary, the Swallows, how his University past factors in into Kyra's fate, hero's fate... fate of the gods, perhaps?

Devon: In the 5-7 years since we last saw Gandohar, he's not only returned from the dead -- he's become the Emperor of an entire continent. We learned in the first game that Kyra is the living vessel of Aziraal -- the patron Fire God of Antaloor. He's found a way to harness it, but discovering what he's using it for will require more than a monologue in the 3rd act.

It's going to be up to the Hero to follow what few leads he can find -- which means convincing people that betraying their Emperor is worth the consequences.