Bloodlines: Antitribu Mod Announced

Several years after the release of Troika's Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, the mod scene seems to really be heating up. The latest ambitious mod in development is Bloodlines: Antitribu, which seeks to bring a new storyline, seven new playable clans, new disciplines, new weapons, and some retexturing to the first-person RPG. A quick synopsis:
Antitribu literally means "anti-tribe," or "against the clans." The term is used to describe a division within a vampire clan which opposes the main body of the clan in terms of Sect loyalty. Since philosophical divides are one of the definitions of a bloodline, and antitribu factions are generally described as such.

The stereotypical antitribu bloodline is a branch of a Camarilla clan which has joined the Sabbat. While all seven Camarilla clans certainaly have antitribu representation within the Sabbat, the term also applies to factions within three independent clans (and one bloodline) which have joined the Sabbat and, in one case, a branch of one Sabbat clan which has joined the Camarilla.

So far the clans that have been included are:

'¢ Tzimitsce Antitribu: The Camarilla Fiends are just as depraved and eccentric as their Sabbat counterparts, sculpting flesh and bone as if it were clay. Tzimsce Antitribu differ from their Sabbat siblings only in what traditions they follow.
'¢ Lasombra Antitribu: The Keepers who are part of the Camarilla are often either elders of great power or childer inheriting potent vitae. Fundamentally Camarilla Lasombra differ from their Sabbat counterparts only in that they believe the Camarilla is a better tool for winning the Jyhad.
'¢ Giovanni: The clan of independents who usurped the mantle of Clan of Death from their fallen parents, the Cappadocians. These Kindred are morbid and perverse necromancers who are both genteel and debaunched.
'¢ Salubri: The clan betrayed by its own founder, Zao-lat in his quest to becoming Demon Emperor of the Sixth Age. Cousins to the evil Baali, the Salubri are healers first and foremost.
'¢ Assamite Warrior: The Assassins are the most well known face of the Children of Haqim, feared for their skill in arts of warfare, be it tactics, weapon forging or wetworks. Now that the Tremere Curse has been broken, nothing stands in the way of the Assassins sating their lust for the vitae of other vampires.
'¢ Assamite Sorceror: The Magi are the oldest wielders of blood magic, and as such are more than equal to clan Tremere in the occult arts. All Magi trace their lineage to ur-Shulgi, the first of the Sorceror Caste and the Herald of Haqim.
'¢ Assamite Vizier: The Scholars are the the thinkers and knowledge seekers of the Children of Haqim. Primarily they are individualists and the majority of Scholars number among the dispossessed.
These separate mod teams really need to get together and release a community pack that fully patches the original title, upgrades it to the latest iteration of the Source engine, and brings all new content to the game. Hell, I'd pay money for that.