Mass Effect 2 Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC Reviews

Even though BioWare's new "Kasumi - Stolen Memory" DLC for Mass Effect 2 wasn't available until late yesterday afternoon, there are already a few reviews available for it.

NXT Gamer gives it a 9/10:
It took me around an hour to complete this mission and what we all must remember is that it is only a new character and a new loyalty mission. It may be short however it is the best DLC that BioWare have added to Mass Effect 2.

Just Push Start gives it a 3.5/5:
For the people who would want to start over playing Mass Effect 2 will find this DLC very helpful since you can start off a party with Kasumi. However, if you're completely had enough of Mass Effect 2 and thinking of not playing the game again, I suggest to stay away from it since I don't see a point of recruiting her for just the last mission. Save the 560 Microsoft points for something more worthwhile. Either way, I enjoyed playing through Kasumi's loyalty mission and getting to know her.

And Thankless Grind gives it a 3/5:
Ultimately though, if you want to spend another hour or so playing more Mass Effect 2 then this is a real bite of what made the full game excellent. Unlike the Firewalker DLC there is plenty of good voice acting, a decently developed story, and even a baddie with an Afrikaans accent. It would definitely be one of the more memorable loyalty missions if compared directly with those, it's just that's all it is. I really wish they'd made Kasumi a full character equal to the original ones, if they had then this pack would be the easiest thing in the world to recommend. Chances are if you are actively seeking information about this, you probably care enough about Mass Effect 2 that you should just go buy it. Just be sure to temper your expectations.