Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

In the event that you haven't gleaned enough information from the other Star Wars: The Old Republic previews coming out of GDC, there's another ready to be ingested over at UGO:
While Star Trek Online excels in space battles, the ground combat mechanics end up feeling lazy and uninteresting -- we usually try and avoid beaming down to the surface whenever possible. The Old Republic, on the other hand, features western RPG combat that can be found in Dragon Age or the KOTOR. Coupled with a variety of different techniques and weapons, ground combat has the potential to keep the game's early grinds interesting, and the later portions tactical.

As we mentioned earlier, every character we encountered in The Old Republic so far had spoken dialog, along with a variety of moral choices for our character to make along the way. The moral dialog tree, and overall presentation between our character and the NPC, is similar to that of other BioWare titles in that you have a good, neutral, or a bad response. Deciding on what to do with prisoners, or how to get information out of characters, during your story mission will open up unique side-missions that will only unlock based on your experiences and choices with the NPCs.