Borderlands The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC Reviews

It's time for another review round-up for Borderlands' The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC, so sit back and make yourself comfortable.

AtomicGamer gives it an 85%:
As DLC goes, Knoxx is one of the best I've seen ever since the trend of DLC started. It's not the best add-on I've ever played, as that would probably rightfully go to a higher-priced traditional expansion pack (like, say, most of Blizzard's expansion packs and quite a few FPS ones as well), but as DLC goes, it's damn good. I've had a hell of a lot less fun for the same amount of money or more with other expansions, so having the ability to enjoy this content together with friends (and get a new excuse to jump back into Borderlands again) is welcome. If you've been looking for a good reason to re-enter Pandora and start looting and shooting again, spending ten bucks on The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is about as good a reason as you're likely to find.

Gameplanet gives it an 8.5/10:
The Secret Armoury of General Knoxx is another fine example of how to do DLC right, and it's certain to ensure players continue to invest time in Borderlands long after they grow weary of the original content. Gearbox is doing a great job of keeping the momentum up, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

Kotaku doesn't do scores:
For everything it does in reincorporating what I loved about Borderlands (including the delightfully foul-mouthed Scooter), this extension does a high quality job in offering new foes and experiences. The drifter, a giant daddy-longlegs spider, is added to the bestiary and even when you're well past its level, should you get shot out of your vehicle on the wastelands, you're likely in for a hell of a fight. The Crimson Lance have a stronger presence in this game and throw new troop types at you - jet pack fighters, medics that heal their comrades, and they're sometimes accompanied by the Devastator, a large suit of powered armor. For the freak show, the midgets are updated as skag riders and rustlers. And you'll be delighted to find them sometimes hiding in lockers, where you can pick up some unique items. The Truxican Wrestler class mod didn't do much for me at the time, but I hung on to it as a trophy. Let's not forget the three new vehicles: The Monster packs heat-seeking missiles and a rocket boost with extra staying power, so I hung with it the most. But the APC allows an entire crew of four to travel at once, with a gunner and a minelayer, and piling in for the first time, you'll feel like one of your old G.I. Joe action figures riding around in a cool new toy.

ZTGamesDomain gives it a 9.0/10:
The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is one of the best add-ons I have played for a game thus far. If you still own Borderlands and enjoyed it, this is definitely something you have to pick up. The new content makes the game feel fresh once again, and the size and scope are absolutely amazing when you consider this is a download-only expansion. It is sad that this may in fact be the final DLC for the game, but if it is, what an incredible way to go out.

Gamervision gives it an 8.5/10:
In this third pack of downloadable content, Gearbox more than makes up for the missteps of Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, emptying out Pandora's pockets onto the Vault Hunters in a big way. Enemies give a massive amount of experience when killed, which makes the increased level cap not only attainable, but an entertaining journey. There are also a lot of new items, so it shouldn't be too hard to find replacement gear. With hours of content, there are now more reasons to revisit the desolate planet than ever, making The Secret Armory of General Knoxx a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in the Borderlands universe.

Gamers Daily News gives it a 9.0/10:
Overall we're left with a reasonably priced expansion that should last you for several hours, and is a clear improvement on the previous DLC packs. The problems cited above don't ruin the product, they merely prevent it from being perfect. But paying 800 Points/$10 for a 'merely' very good product is more than fair, and Borderlands fans would do well to pick up Secret Armory. It won't change your mind if you're already tired of the game, but for everyone else there certainly is a lot of content to justify your purchase!

Digital Chumps gives it an 8.4/10:
All of the action is spread out across about forty quests, including additional missions after the main story mission which takes place in the Secret Armory. There are some new weapons to be found, although I didn't find anything all that interesting. Also, weapons cases have more capacity in Secret Armory. And although the final encounter wasn't as exciting as I hoped, and some quest descriptions were a bit misleading or confusing, the overall experience was the best since the original game.

And RunDLC gives it a perfect 5/5:
Sure, it's big in size, and it requires you to work harder than you do in most first-person shooters. But, that said, Secret Armory of General Knoxx is incredibly rewarding, especially if you're ready to go the distance and level yourself up. Grab your friends, start up a co-op session, and show the General who's boss. If you've got nerves of steel and an itchy trigger finger, step up for a few rounds of pure Borderlands bliss.