Fallout: New Vegas Magazines Preview Details

Two more international magazines were in on the Fallout: New Vegas demo given by Obsidian Entertainment, and they've both since penned previews. French magazine Joystick provides little new info, but received an affirmation from J.E. Sawyer that the protagonist is not an amnesiac.
Just a quick clarification: your character does not have amnesia or any sort of memory loss.
Moving on, Finnish magazine Pelit provides a few tiny new tidbits.
- Weapons have unique/individual qualities. Some cause critical hits to head, others will damage your limbs severely for example circular saw will eat your fingers.

- Death animations vary depending which weapon you are using.

- Different gangs and villages might evolve during your gameplay while you are not watching. For example random Raider gang might find a hidden weapons cache and rise to power.

- One new picture (at least for me) which shows concept art of an NCR Ranger Armor.