Mass Effect 3: What's Next?

OXM UK examines the story, characters, combat system, DLC support, and RPG systems in the first two Mass Effect titles in order to speculate what the third and final entry might bring to the table.
Some players want there to be more depth to the leveling up system, as Mass Effect 2 didn't have as many skills you could spend your ability points in. While BioWare was clearly looking to get away from the clutter of the original, it's reasonable to expect a new system that strikes a balance between the two games.

The huge flawed inventory system was scrapped for Mass Effect 2. Again, some players complained that this robbed Mass Effect 2 of depth, as you picked your loadout before the mission and the inventory was restricted to key items. Given the huge differences between the two systems, we expect a similar streamlined, hands-off system to Mass Effect 2 for the third in the series.

If there's one area that will see changes, then the safe money is on the scanning receiving a massive overhaul. No-one liked the scanning system of trawling through planets to find raw materials for upgrades.
Nobody liked it, but very few gaming sites even mentioned it in their review. Until now, of course.