Din's Curse Preview and Interview

The folks over at GamersInfo have slapped up a hands-on preview of Din's Curse, as well as an interview with Soldak's Steven Peeler about the soon-to-be-released action RPG. From the latter:
GamersInfo.net: Din's Curse, as an action RPG, appears to be shaping up as quite a different style of game. One of the two features of Din's Curse that looks special is the class combinations available. Can you explain how they work? How difficult were these to balance?

Steven Peeler: How it works is you have a choice. You can either play one of the full classes, or you can choose to play a hybrid character. A full class gets access to all three of its specialties. A hybrid character, on the other hand, gets to choose any two specialties from any of the classes. Each specialty can wield different weapons and armor, generates mana in different ways and, of course, has different skills. So a full class has access to more skills, weapons and armor. However, a hybrid can combine anything to form a personalized class. You can play a defender/necromancer to get great armor and undead pets. You can play a weapon master/fire mage to get flaming swords with your deadly weapon skills. You can even play warlock/healer to be able to summon demons and heal yourself.

Let's just say it's been interesting to balance so far. There are 141 combinations! Alpha helped balance them a lot, and we will continue to balance throughout the beta.