Vampire: Bloodlines v6.8 Unofficial Patch Released

Wesp continues to make a significant number of tweaks to Troika's Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, with his latest unofficial patch reaching version 6.8. The changelog:
'¢ +Made bail bond returnable to Lily and restored VV's poster to basic.
'¢ Restored three paintings into Empire hotel and moved others around.
'¢ Fixed static NPCs on downtown hub and restored some Society weapons.
'¢ Restored report to SM clinic and newspaper pictures to Ocean House.
'¢ Swapped wrong Luckee Star key model and SPAS into Hallowbrook hotel.
'¢ Restored three context icons, three infobar icons and three models.
'¢ Repaired dialogues of Heather, Jack, Arthur, Pisha, Dema and hooker.
'¢ Corrected Ocean House steam cloud directions and minor map details.
'¢ Prevented restored NPC conversations from triggering multiple times.
'¢ Hid door icons at Grout's mansion and used phone prop to open one.
'¢ Restored rain to beachhouse and removed it from Ocean House outside.