Alpha Protocol Blog Update, Screenshots

Obsidian Entertainment's Chris Avellone discusses cause and effect, character motivations, and the unpredictable effects of our decisions in a new entry to the Alpha Protocol blog on IGN.
What does your character want? Well, we let you tell us in the game. Twice. And you get to see if the answers match at the beginning and end.

We track all this and so do the individuals in the game. Whatever your motivation and theirs, one thing's for sure - as much as you can do research on the Alpha Protocol cast of characters in the game, turnabout is fair play. They'll gather intel on you. They'll talk to the same contacts you do. They'll evaluate how you do things. They'll check to see who you've made "friends" with, how invisible/visible you've been on your operations, how you dealt with contacts and what intel you've uncovered, and make their judgments. Even people that might be the spy equivalent of Lawful Good could still end up trying to shoot you if they don't understand your choices - or if they understand the repercussions more than you do.

The most rewarding part of it is not having to attach a good/evil meter to the player, we let the world and specific people judge him based on their own personal code of ethics and attach the meter to those judgmental bastards - you? You're just accomplishing your mission, and you know why you had to do the things you did, even if the world and the people you cross paths with may not.
Three new screenshots depicting the dossier screen are included throughout the entry, as well.