Mass Effect Redemption Interview

The first issue of Dark Horse's Mass Effect Redemption comic book seriesĀ is now available, and to kick it off Comic Book Resources has posted an interview with lead writer Mac Walters and artist Omar Francia.
Did you find it challenging to come up with a story that would appeal to both fans of the games as well as new readers?

MW: It's always a challenge. I have to thank Dark Horse, as they've given me lots of information - what to expect, what to look for, things that we could do and things that we couldn't do in this format - obviously it's very different than a video game. The comic is a really interesting read on its own, which is something Dark Horse was really careful about when working with us. They wanted it to stand alone - you could read it, never play the game, and you could enjoy it. I think we've done a really good job with that. Having their expertise in this process, that's how we solved the challenge.

Were there certain places or events that you were able to explore through the comic that you couldn't in the "Mass Effect" games?

MW: Not from a story perspective, but when you're making a game, you're telling a story a certain way. This was a chance for us to see the "Mass Effect" universe in a different light artistically, and also through the eyes of different characters. When you play the game, you're playing as Shepard, and that's who you see the world through, but now this is a chance to see it through the eyes of other characters in the "Mass Effect" universe.