Rogue Rage

Massively has posted a two-page article that points out the flaws and unrealized potential of rogue classes in MMORPGs, particularly in Blizzard's World of Warcraft.
Traps are another staple of "roleplaying dungeoneering" that are sorely missed from our traditional MMO play. Without traps, there's no reason to be cautious or wary. People barrel through dungeons like bulls, knowing that the only thing that can really touch them are the monsters within.

Traps, on the other hand, make you think. They make you look at walls and doors and they slow you down a bit. They even let the player take in the environment and enjoy the craftsmanship of the game as they force the player to look carefully. They can even put the player into situations monsters can't provide, such as avoiding arrows shooting out of walls, running from a falling boulder, or even dodging giant bladed pendulums. These are experience that can add a little more action to the MMO, but cautious players will be able to avoid these situations by simply applying their rogue skills correctly.
How to do rogues right in an MMORPG? Dungeons & Dragons Online.