King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame Reviews

Now that NeocoreGames' King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame has been available for a few days, we're starting to see a couple of early reviews for the strategy/RPG hybrid.

Impulse Gamer goes with an 8.0/10:
Like most games of this kind each unit and soldier in the unit has different arms and equipment, movement, and abilities. During game play learning what unit does best against certain other unit types is a road map to victory. Also knowing the units strengths and weakness's will assist the player with sound choices on the field of battle. The skills a unit has can either be passive or active skills. Each gives different benefits. The active skill grant an effect only for a timed period and is symbolized by a timer around the skill icon. The skills are balanced in game play which means there is a little give and take depending on the skill in use. For instance cavalry using the dodge skill against in coming archer attack, are weaker when it comes to melee attacks.

While this review on the Impulse forums also goes with an 8/10:
This game does a fantastic job of mixing in classic RPG elements into campaign warfare. Your Knights all have basic stats/skills and they gain experience by winning battles and completing Quests. Your armies gain experience too though they gain it as a unit and not as a individual like your Knights do. As your Knights gain experience they level up every winter during the year. Be aware that during winter you receive taxes and any armies you may have on the map will Not be able to march during the winter. Winter is also the Only time you can spend the experience you've earned. If you forget to level up a unit who's gained experience that winter you'll have to wait until next winter before you'll be able to spend it, so pay attention.