Borderlands Interviews

In addition to a short update on Borderlands' ending from senior designer Paul Helquist on MTV Multiplayer, there's a lengthy, two-part interview (part one and part two) with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford on the "Are We New At This?" blog.

From MTV:
"We went through lots of different iterations on what the ending of the game was. We ultimately ended up with what you get to play. We didn't know how people were going to react to it. Obviously the reaction hasn't been as strong as we had hoped [laughs]. That's something we're going to be keeping in mind as we do new things, whether it's download content or other games in the future. We're gonna think more about it and try to get more user feedback before the game comes out so we can ensure that we'll have endings that you guys like in the future."


"I think what's great about where we did leave the player is that we have pretty much infinite options of where we want to go next. We aren't currently working on a sequel or anything like that, so that stuff is way down the line, but just from my point of view, it's sort of an open book in terms of where we want to go. We can go in directions that continue to explore the vault mythology or we can do something completely different. The ending of the game, for better or worse, didn't paint us into any corners."

And then a snip from the blog:
B: Dragon Age introduced launch day DLC's that is only downloaded if you had a unique legitimate key. Would you experiment with something similar, at least for the PC, to ensure the rampant piracy on the platform is somewhat curbed?

RP: I don't know. I'm not going to comment on what other people are doing, but I am happy to talk about what we're doing. We released Borderlands worldwide in late October, but had to finish more than two months earlier than that in order to get through the certification, manufacturing and distribution process. As we finished the game and started going towards certification, the developers at Gearbox had so many cool ideas that we just went all in and started working on DLC in order to add new experiences that could be launched as soon as we get them done. Because of the passion, the motivation and the intense amount of effort the team has put in between when the game was practically finished to now- we're going to be able to launch the first DLC for Borderlands just a little more than a month after the first retail copy hit store shelves. We think that's really awesome and we hope that customers who love Borderlands support us and our motivation to make even more DLC. The value is there! It's an incredibly cool new campaign and is pretty large for what it costs. I think people are going to love it. There are some concerns that despite being a great game, at times it felt like more of the same. What are some of the environmental and gameplay elements unique to the DLC?