Demon's Souls Reviews

I haven't rounded up any Demon's Souls reviews for a few weeks, so I thought I'd put together a quick rundown of some recent critiques.

Games Abyss gives it a 9.5/10:
What all of this amounts to is that Demon's Souls is one of the most unique and provocative RPGs to come along in years. Its bleak, brooding world will always have you slightly on edge, whether you're in the thick of a hard-fought battle or wandering through the uneasy quiet of a cursed land, the silence only broken by moody orchestral punctuations heralding an encounter with a dread, demonic foe. Demon's Souls' mechanics are nothing if not expertly balanced, meaning if you die it's your own fault, and there is always another challenge waiting for you. Added flourishes like the ability to invade another player's world online, recruit phantoms (when you have your physical form) to aid you in battle and even a further increased level of difficulty on Halloween makes this one really something special. But tread lightly; Demon's Souls is not a game to be trifled or toyed with. Commit yourself fully or don't play at all. Granted, the pleasures to be had herein may come at the cost of a borderline masochistic relationship with the game. But those willing to endure Demon's Souls personal offenses will find godliness within its realms, taste the essence of greatness, and live to the tell the tale.

Video Games Daily gives it an 8/10:
Demon's Souls is undoubtedly a tough nut to crack, but if you're prepared to dig beneath its hard shell, you'll find a game that is compelling and deeply rewarding in equal measure.

PALGN gives it a 9/10:
Demon's Souls is a game that becomes an obsession the moment you delve into it. The gameplay is deceptively deep, where in the beginning it feels simple and smooth, but can quickly turn into an involving and complex system that has roots burrowing very deep on many levels, something which we haven't even talked about in this review. It's a game that brings back some of the setups of old, where dying is a punishment and checkpoints are non-existent and winning is a matter of learning from your own mistakes, but at the same time brings in a holding hand in the form of your own fellow gamers. It's a surprisingly fair and balanced game, where you get better as you play more, and even after you're done, puts you into even deeper water that will test your ability so much more. But regardless of all the hardships, the game gives off an incredibly satisfying vibe when you've finally won, and will have you remembering moments for years to come. Though it may not ever be out in Australia, Demon's Souls is an astonishing title that begs to be played, as it's one of the best RPGs to be released in recent years.

And Twin Galaxies gives it a 9/10:
In theory, the entire game can be tackled without doing anything I just described, unlike other Eastern-made RPGs that would clobber you for taking on high-level monsters with low-level characters. There's something to be said about a player's skill in a game like this, and being constantly killed and respawned to learn from your mistakes forces you to be a better player, high stat levels and powerful armament be damned. Continued attempts to finish one more section can strengthen your resolve and fuel the vendetta that you build against the game even more. Sure, many players may find the challenge level to be a deal breaker, but for the thick skinned among you, Demon's Souls will be one of the best games you've screamed at all year.