Borderlands The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned Preview

In addition to a video preview of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, IGN has cranked out a "first look" article that provides a few preliminary details about Gearbox's first set of Borderlands DLC.
Suicide zombies will also be on the loose, who will explode when they get near you. Ideally you'll want to tag these guys when they're still at a distance and surrounded by other baddies to use the ensuing explosion to your advantage. Psycho zombies who wave their arms lazily when not provoked can be angered, at which point their eyes will turn red and they'll charge, and Crow-like flying enemies have been included as well, which appear to be this area's version of Rakks. The new bosses sound pretty interesting too, including one with a giant pumpkin for a head that spews flame at whatever players wander nearby. For me, a fan of the original product, this chunk of content seems like it could be pretty good, adding in new environment and enemy types. For anyone that hasn't yet hit the cap, the new quests should also help you along in your quest for experience.

A few of the encounters early on in the area involved entering the main town and turning on a series of turrets. These things were perched on the multi-tiered wooden walkways of Jakobs Cove, which is meant to be a working class town. Once activated, the turrets will continuously fire at any zombies that spawn into the area, letting you browse the quest board and check the vending machines in peace. Wading through some of the other early areas will also reveal the hideout of Dr. Ned, who resides way up in a treehouse that requires an elevator ride to access. Predictably, the elevator takes forever to reach the ground, so you'll need to beat back waves of zombies while you wait for it during your initial visit.