Demon's Souls Deluxe Edition Strategy Guide Replacements

Atlus dropped us an email this evening making us aware of a thread on the official Demon's Souls forums that outlines an issue with some of the strategy guides included with the game's Deluxe Edition. If your guide has "unusual cover ink wear/fading", then you'll have the ability to send it in for a replacement in the near future:
While it seems that not every copy of the guide is affected, and the specific cause of the issue remains unclear, Atlus always strives for nothing less than the full satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we will soon launch a program to replace defective strategy guides.

Stay tuned for details on when the program will begin and specific steps on how to submit your replacement request. We can say at this time that we will ask customers to mail in their cover and the first page of their guide as proof of purchase, leaving them with a usable book while we process their replacement claim. Full instructions will be posted in this thread next week.