Into the Depths of Torchlight

Hellforge has conjured up an editorial called "Into the Depths of Torchlight", which turns out to be somewhere between a preview and a review for Runic Games' action RPG.
As I contemplated the possibilities and paused to make a note in my journal, I was suddenly surrounded by dozens of wild-eyed, angry rat men accompanied by giant spiders. Before they could close the gap to lunge at me with their prickly spears, I raised my staff and let loose a torrent of magic missiles that quickly sought out their own targets and sprayed the unlucky rodents into a bloody mist, sending caustic lumps of flesh in every direction. Hunter charged ahead after the archers before they could let loose their deadly arrows and made short work of them; an appalling end to these loathsome creatures.

Seeing its allies fall, one of the ratmen gave out a vicious snarl and charged blindly at me with its spear. I deftly avoided the attack, and swung my staff into the back of its skull. The impact made a sickening crunch. It was the last to fall, and the battle was over. The experience was exhilarating, to say the least.


It's been four days since then, and I yet continue to journey within the depths of Torchlight. I have unearthed many secrets, but I am no closer to leaving. Like the many who came to Torchlight in search of riches, and the many more yet to come, I suspect that I'll be here for awhile.