Borderlands Reviews

Borderlands is now available across North America, so take a moment to read up on these latest reviews before running out and picking up a copy.

Shacknews doesn't give out a score:
Borderlands is not for everyone. It's certainly not Halo, and it's not exactly Diablo either. Instead, it's a stylish hybrid of the two that may not always represent the best each has to offer, but will leave many engrossed and addicted nonetheless.

And despite all my complaints, I'm still playing. That's got to mean something.

GameInformer gives it a 9.25/10:
Borderlands attempts many things, which in this medium can often end with a laundry list of features but no fully-developed ones. This is one of the rare occasions where all of the new experiences a game brings to the table work out splendidly, especially when viewed as an entire package. Co-op is a blast, the variety of weaponry lends an addictive quality to the game that's rarely seen, and it maintains a distinct sense of humor and personality. It's a long-lasting experience that manages to stay fresh throughout, and the ability to easily jump into a friend's game at any time only lengthens the appeal of an already stellar title.

OXM gives it an 8.0/10:
Yes, Borderlands is much more than the sum of its parts, but unfortunately said parts are only an okay FPS and an okay RPG, both fairly no-frills and functional. It's a roast dinner without gravy followed by an apple pie without custard. Nothing's wrong, but you can't shake the nagging feeling that something's missing. Borderlands is a good time, but it should have been a great time.

Eurogamer gives it an 8/10:
Borderlands is unusual, playable, and an artfully violent step in an interesting direction for Gearbox. The story aspect of the game could have been better - I'd love to have seen the role-playing influence extend beyond stats, levels and loot - and the ending is a disappointment. Even so, this should be a favourite game of the year for a huge number of people, since it plugs into gamer impulses at such a fundamental level. We blow things up and collect the goodies. That part, at least, Gearbox has nailed.

NOW Gamer gives the Xbox 360 version an 8.6/10 and the PS3 version an 8.0/10:
Borderlands is original, brave and all that other good stuff we should exalt. It's also very frustrating early on. Persevere and it's well worth your money, especially if you have a friend or three to share in the experience. Measurably less so as a solo endeavour, however.

And GameTrailers gives it an 8.4/10.