Borderlands Coverage Round-up

With only two days left until Borderlands hits store shelves, several more articles pertaining to the role-playing shooter have made their way to the 'net.

We start off with what is apparently the first review of the game on PlayStation University:
Borderlands only true downfall has to be the fact that it's stuck releasing between Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2. If this was releasing in an off-month like June or July, it would receive praise and Game of the Year notions in terms of quality of play; however, due to its release schedule, it may get mixed in the gray of other GOTY-worthy candidates. It also doesn't help that Borderlands is geared more towards the hardcore gamer opposed to the casual player. Those enjoying the aspects of grindings those levels out in co-op or solo mode will enjoy Borderlands for everything it is.those who don't, should probably rent it first. As for me, I'm a hardcore gamer and feel Borderlands is worth every penny and then some especially once Zombie Island is released. Bring on the pain!

Then we have a Fallout 3 comparison article and a video of the first 10 minutes on Just Push Start:
Borderlands can be compared to Fallout 3 in some ways, but let me say this, Borderlands is the improved Fallout 3. We're limited to what we can say because we want to make sure we will discuss it in our review in a day or two. If you're thinking that Borderlands is a complete rip off from Fallout 3, think again. It might be similar, but all of the goods can be found here.

Followed by a preview on Spawn Kill:
Skills for each character can be taken from a given skill tree, allowing the already specialized character classes to focus more on what a player or group finds to be most beneficial. I suppose the premise here is to keep the basic group Brick, Lilith, Roland, and Mordecai totally intact, while giving the option for the same group controlled by other players to have a largely different skill set. While many of the enemies will be thematically similar, their skill sets will be generated randomly in order to make brawling the same foes more unpredictable.

And then there's a humorous "Borderlands is For Real Gamers" trailer on IGN.