The Dragons of Dragon Age: Origins, Part One

Games Radar has kicked off a week-long "The Dragons of Dragon Age: Origins" feature, with today's installment featuring four screenshots of the beasts and a quick bit of lore:
Dragons are quick, naturally armored, and command a torrent of fire as easily as a man hefts a sword. This is the stage of dragon most likely to be encountered by chance, and although they lack the terrifying size of a mature specimen, only an experienced group should pause long enough to verify it. Around the age of 100, females darken in color and grow the iconic wings of their kind. They become inquisitive and aggressive, and range far and wide in their search for a lair. This is the most likely time that the species will come into conflict with humans. Keeping the area free of suitable nesting sites such as abandoned ruins or open cave networks can encourage the creature to move on, but dragons are so rare that few think to take precautions. Dragons do not speak, but their resilience will surprise any who might regard them as unintelligent. Dragons that reach this age do not fall easily.