Demon's Souls Reviews

Should you still be on the fence about whether or not to procure yourself a copy of Demon's Souls, this latest wave of reviews just might be the push you need.

IGN starts us off with a 9.4/10:
Demon's Souls is not a game for everyone. Actually, I take that back; it's most definitely something everyone should try, but the look, seemingly unforgiving nature and themes might be a bit off-putting. Don't let them be. Every single person that owns a PS3 should at the very least rent this game to see what all the fuss is about, and those that can remember the good ol' days when games taught through the highly effective use of negative reinforcement and a heavy price for not playing it carefully should scoop this up instantly. It's utterly unique among the offerings on any console right now, and absolutely, positively should not be missed.

Crispy Gamer goes with a "Buy It":
Imagine the careers of game designers. At the end of their respective crunch times, they deliver their games -- each more similar than different to those of their peers. They've crafted a thousand universes overlapping everywhere but upon the fringes. And then there's Demon's Souls -- an outlier, grazing the other universes only where it counts.

Thunderbolt hits it with a 9/10:
Demon's Souls may make you throw controllers. It could possibly make you hate everything you've ever loved. It will probably make you yell curse words very, very loudly. It's also some of the best fun to be had on the PS3. It's difficult by design, and it never really feels cheap; every problem has a solution, and the journey is undeniably fun. A game that uses the same points for buying items as it does for leveling up (yes, Souls are currency as well as XP) may sound like an exercise in torture, but Demon's Souls may just make a sadomasochist out of you.

GamingEvolution also goes with a 9/10:
...Demon's Souls is one of those gameplay experiences that are truly memorable and exclusive to the PS3 console. For those gamers looking for a true challenge, look no further than this game. While everyone's experience with this game will be different, one thing that will remain the same is that Demon's Souls is without a doubt the best RPG experience of this generation and you owe it to yourself not to miss it.

Talking About Games sends out an "A-":
Whether one million gamers play it, or one hundred, the voice acting will still be just as superb, the environments will still be as rich and interesting to explore and the trophies will be just as hard won. It only means that fewer gamers will have the chance to experience the good this game has to offer. Could some of the features have been better implemented? Certainly. Could any of the mechanics have been tweaked to open the game to a broader audience? Possibly. So one can only hope that more people will at least give this game a genuine try. If not, then there's going to be less money for Sony, less chance of a sequel, and fewer souls for you and me. And that is a tragedy far greater than any digital death.

GameShark goes with an "A-", as well:
Demon's Souls is a rare game that is tuned to near-complete perfection, but it also represents the antithesis to the recent trend of emphasizing player-friendly experiences over challenges. It is unyielding and relentlessly unmerciful. A single stage will take hours of repetitious practice and cautious progression to complete. The reward is pride. As you progress into the deepest reaches of Boletaria and the bloodstains and messages grow scarce, you know that you are one of the few adventurers with the skill and determination to defeat the Old One. And that's a unique and rewarding feeling.

The Game Reviews arrives at an 8.8/10:
While not for everyone, Demon's Souls is unique and rewarding. The depth is unprecedented, customization is limitless, and combat requires a surprising amount of strategy. Casual gamers or those without the patience for a deliberately difficult title will want to look elsewhere, but anyone looking for a challenge should pick this one up.

BeefJack gives us three pair with an 8.8/10:
Demon's Souls is hard and will beat the shit out of you till you learn to play it right. If you like being brutalized at every step, with some light multiplayer elements in your single player, give Demon's Souls a shot.

And then you have Punch Jump claiming that the game has disrupted the whole game market:
The most important part of Demon's Souls is that the game's no-save policy, clever enemies, and traps all coincide in a masterful design that allows the player to learn with each level attempt. Much like a classic 2D side-scroller, users will learn to defeat known enemies quicker, avoid traps, and become accustomed to the no-save policy.

From Software's design has bucked the status quo with Demon's Souls. It's much like what veteran players used to experience, and nothing like what current players expect.